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3 Essential Critical Power Systems Every Business Should Implement

In today’s modern society we rely on essential services such as healthcare, banking and manufacturing, and these businesses rely on a constant power supply to keep these operations running smoothly.

Do your patient treatment areas comply with australian electrical safety standards?

According to the recommendations from Australian Standards, all current non-compliant Patient Treatment Areas are expected to upgrade to either Body Protected or Cardiac Protected Areas to protect against the risk of electric shock.

5 Reasons Why Your Facility Needs a Proactive Maintenance Plan

As a Manager in Melbourne, you know how detrimental having any electrical break down can be for your business. If any of your electrical assets were to fail, tens of thousands of dollars in running costs and equipment repairs could be catastrophic to your operation - not to mention the cost in staff labour.

Top 5 Ways To Reduce Your Business' Next Electricity Bill

We all use electricity and we all have to pay for it - some more than others. Have you wondered why your businesses’ electricity bill is higher than it should be? We’ve done the hard work for you and have provided you with the top 5 ways to reduce your business’ next electricity bill.


Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive maintenance activity which can be done at any time but is ideally performed when your business is fully operational. It allows you to accurately see what cannot be seen by the naked eye.


Electrical Power that is being drawn from the use of electrical equipment such as transformers and electrical motors is known as Real Power. A building or site commonly uses considerable quantities of Reactive Power which is defined by Power that is not being drawn by electrical equipment. Real and Reactive Power together is known as Apparent Power.