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Eco Electrical provides solar power solutions and services in Dandenong and surrounding areas.

If you want to repair your solar power equipment, install solar power systems, or get advice on how to purchase solar panels, we are here to help you. We are also on standby to provide ongoing after-sales services. When you choose our services, you will get what you pay for. Our team of engineers only selects the highest-quality solar panels and uses the latest installation techniques.

Why Install Solar

Australian businesses stand to gain a lot when they switch to solar power. Some of these benefits include:

  • Avoid energy bills — Using solar energy is one of the best ways to cut your energy bills and save on electricity costs.
  • Low maintenance — Since solar power systems have no moving parts, they have very few maintenance costs.
  • Conserve the environment — Solar energy technologies do not generate greenhouse gasses when operating. This helps to get rid of air pollution.
  • Energy monitoring — We can install solar power systems to help you monitor solar power generation and usage.
  • Benefit from rebates — Federal and state governments in Australia offer solar incentives such as free battery installation, free solar system installation, interest-free loans, or low-interest loans.
  • Take ownership — One of the key benefits of solar energy is that you will own the solar power generation and usage outright. This means you will have full control over how the electricity produced is used and sold.

Why Choose Eco Electrical

We are efficient and quick professionals with years of solar power installation experience. Our trained experts deliver and install battery storage, microinverters, and solar panels from well-known manufacturers. We are also able to come up with tailored solutions that meet your unique energy needs. The solution we create will perfectly integrate with your existing energy grid for maximum cost savings and efficiency. This helps you to avoid the cookie-cutter approach and guarantees the best solar power system for your business.

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Which solar option is right for you? Eco Electrical can examine your energy needs and give advice on the best solar package for your business. We will then suggest creative installation and design approaches that meet industry standards and satisfy your specific energy requirements. At the same time, you will benefit from a team of certified, insured, and licensed electricians. Our experts are the gold standard for solar installers in Australia. We also do offer warranties for our installed products. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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