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Our electrical team collaborates with the civil works team to provide civil electrical works in Dandenong. We can excavate underground electrical infrastructure for minor and major intersection traffic signs, as well as electric systems for paths, roads, and streets.

We do not cut corners when it comes to planning and executing civil electrical projects. Our team will work with governing agencies, utility companies, and local jurisdictions to come up with electrical works that benefit everybody. All this ensures that the electrical utilities can maintain their usefulness for a long time.

Our Services

Eco Electrical Services has several tipper trucks, excavators, and other machines for civil electrical works. You can contact us if you need any of the following services:

  • Digging trenches of any size with excavators — We can excavate trenches so that you can install or maintain underground electrical equipment and materials.
  • Laying conduits — We can create complex and single conduit stacks for telecommunication and electrical works.
  • Cable pit installation — We can design and install new communication or electrical pits. This includes conducting waterproofing and connecting conduits to the pits.
  • Repairs and relocation of telecommunication lead-ins and pits — If your cable and conduit pits or lead-ins are damaged, we can relocate them to a different area.
  • Streetlight footing solutions — We will create drawings for street light fittings, excavate the foundation pit for the streetlamp, and install the lamp.
  • Streetlight relocations — We can assist businesses and residents relocate street lights to enable improved access to junctions, driveways, and new roads.
  • Underground utility location — We can move underground utilities such as utility wires and electrical systems to another area.

Why Choose Us

Eco Electrical provides advanced civil electrical services and solutions to satisfy a vast range of needs. Our team will oversee all aspects of your civil electrical project, including landscaping, safety and security, architecture, and design. Whether your project is small or big, our team of experienced and highly trained engineers has the knowledge and skills to get the project done right. The team can design and deploy civil works for lighting systems, power distribution systems, and wiring systems. We also only use the highest-quality materials from leading manufacturers.

Get Started With the Best Civil Electrical Works Company

If you are planning a major project that includes the installation of lighting features and construction of civil structures, Eco Electrical is your dependable partner. We have experience in commercial and residential construction projects, as well as the installation of lighting fixtures and other electrical elements. Contact us to know how we can help you with your civil electrical project.

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