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According to the recommendations from Australian Standards, all current non-compliant Patient Treatment Areas are expected to upgrade to either Body Protected or Cardiac Protected Areas to protect against the risk of electric shock.

These Patient Treatment Areas are required under the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3003 to have medical equipment safety testing once every 12 months. This is to assess electrical safety and compliance.

There are 26 designated Patient Treatment Areas in Australia that require frequent inspections and maintenance. Some of these areas can include:

  • Doctors Consulting Rooms
  • Dental Surgeries
  • CT Rooms
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Blood Collection Areas
  • Nursing Homes
  • X-Ray Rooms

If you find that these areas as well as the medical devices within them are not compliant, you can consequently find yourself paying expensive insurance premiums for cover that may be denied when you need it the most.

Supercharge Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

It’s crucial for any facility to perform regular preventative maintenance. Not only can it save you thousands, but it can also provide you and your colleague's ease of mind knowing that your equipment is in safe, working order.

Ensuring your Patient Treatment Areas comply with Australian Electrical Safety Standards is just one more preventative measures you can implement into your maintenance strategy.

Want to learn more about how you can implement a top-class preventative maintenance plan? Click here to read more about this.

Why Choose Eco Electrical Services?

We are Melbourne’s experts when it comes to medical electrical inspections and installations. Our fully trained and licensed electrical technicians can provide you hassle-free testing and maintenance.

  • Inspection, certifying and testing medical installations and facilities.
  • Safety switch testing
  • Electrical equipment testing and tagging.
  • Preventative maintenance and certification.
  • Inspections and testing of existing or new installations, repairs or adjustments to electrical equipment.

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