Warning Signs It’s Time To Rewire & Upgrade Your Electrical System


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Old Electrical Panels and Wires

In ideal conditions, the lifespan of an electric copper wire is between 50 and 70 years, while electrical panels and most outlets can last up to 40 years. If any of the components are beyond their useful lifespans, it might be time to replace them. With age comes irreversible wear and tear. Plus, if your electrical system is over 50 years old, most of its components are already outdated and short of modern standards.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

If your lights flicker or dim whenever you turn them or other appliances on, that is a sign of damaged wiring, overloading or poor power distribution. Have an expert look into the problem and make the necessary upgrades

Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

Circuit breakers trip when a closed circuit becomes overloaded, shorted or begins to arch. However, if breakers go off all the time, especially when working with heavy equipment, the system might have a perpetual overloading issue or some of the electrical components can’t handle the power output demands. If such a problem persists, it might cause damage to the breakers, wires and even the loads. The only solution is to make power upgrades to the electrical system.

Buzzing Outlets and Connectors

Do you often hear a buzzing or fizzing sound coming from the outlets, connectors or electrical panel? These noises are sometimes accompanied by an acrid burning smell. If that's the case, some of the connectors, wires and outlets may have heat damage and can barely keep the current flowing. This is particularly dangerous since the sparking and overheating could ignite an electrical fire.

Evidence of Physical Damage

If electrical components show any signs of damage, they should be replaced immediately, even if they still work fine. Damages such as rusty contacts, frayed wires, deformations and cracks can deteriorate a system’s performance and make it dangerous during live operation.

Working with an old or faulty electrical system can be limiting, dangerous and expensive. Upgrading gets rid of hidden faults and defective components and redesigns the whole system to fit modern performance and safety standards. Plus, rewiring will provide you with more power options and capabilities to support a growing enterprise.

If you feel that your electrical systems could use an overhaul or massive upgrade, Eco Electrical is here to help. We offer professional commercial and industrial electrical services, from power upgrades and commercial rewiring to lighting solutions. Reach us via our website or call 1300 326 353 for immediate assistance.

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Warning Signs It’s Time To Rewire & Upgrade Your Electrical System

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