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Electrical Power that is being drawn from the use of electrical equipment such as transformers and electrical motors is known as Real Power. A building or site commonly uses considerable quantities of Reactive Power which is defined by Power that is not being drawn by electrical equipment. Real and Reactive Power together is known as Apparent Power.

Power Factor is the ratio between the two with the ideal being 1:0.

A building/site with an inefficient Power Factor tends to be the result of an inbalance between the two with Reactive Power being higher. This can be due to lost Power during the application of electrical equipment.

Having a poor Power Factor could mean your business is paying for more energy than is being used, resulting in loss of energy, money and time.

Additionally, if a building's Power Factor drops beneath a standardised ratio, then your electricity company may add Reactive Power fees to your next bill.


Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology grants the building/site manager to reduce this electricity bill by controlling the balance of Reactive Power consumption.


We use MYeBOX® technology to monitor and test your power quality. Read more below to find out how this system can save you time and money.

MYeBOX® is an innovative portable network and power quality analyser, which has been specially designed to perform energy audits. The unit features a Wi-Fi and 3G communication system (depending on the model) and can be configured and monitored remotely with a Smartphone or Tablet, without the need to be present at the facility.

This capability saves you time and money allowing you visually see in real-time when your Power Factor drops.

With MYeBOX®, it takes a matter of seconds to check any aspect of the system. Also, the device sends alerts by email, relating to any parameter that is critical for the energy efficiency or proper operation of the system (reactive energy, maximeter power, overcurrent, voltage fault, etc.)


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